Outletsale was born not just from an idea, but a commitment. With the world of e-commerce and dropshipping making everything about shopping easy, there was a growing problem.

As a veteran in the e-commerce world, Outletsale’s founder began to notice that the dominance of low prices and free shipping were making store owners lazy. Businesses cared less about the quality of their merchandise and, by extension, their customers because they cared more about having fast shipping and lower price points. They had everyone, and no one, in mind when they created these stores, so how could customers feel like this was perfect for them?

Where was the love? Where was the experience?

After his attempts to adjust the strategy of the companies he worked for fell on deaf ears, he decided it was time to make a move. 

The goal? Bring experience back to e-commerce. Since household items were such a huge hit with consumers, Alex wanted to offer great products at an awesome price. More than that, he didn’t want to drown people in hundreds of choices of similar items and lower quality. 

And that’s when it struck him, he was going to get exclusive products from brand-name companies in Europe and create a system to offer them at a fantastic price. This model was going to be the backbone of a shopping experience that targeted customers who were looking for that extra mile, even when they shop online. He was going to offer a good, but not overwhelming selection of products that had superior craftsmanship and superior style. In short, he wanted customers to return to his store not because it was easy, but because they knew they would never have to worry about being disappointed. And in e-commerce, that’s powerful.

Trusted Quality, Wholesale Prices and a truly wonderful Shopping Experience. 

Outletsale was born.

Now, from offering exclusive, brand-name European products to our commitment to greener shipping practices, Outletsale is meant to be a store for people who want more from their spending dollar.